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Beam Clamp

Product Details:

Spreader Beam can now lift up to 27t and has a new and improved clamp system, tested to the highest standards, enabling safe lifting from multiple points.

The clamps are pre-assembled with a redesigned safety mechanism, which means that it’s easier for one person to operate and to slide and safely lock into place. In testing trials, this has been done in under one minute.

It is offered with four clamps as standard to adjust the lifting points to enable flexibility between a single top lifting point (lifting beam) or double top lifting points (semi spreader beam). We can also supply custom length beams depending on your lifting requirements.

The Spreader Beam can also be adapted to suit, with up to an additional four clamps on the bottom side of the beam allowing users the flexibility of additional lifting points. If more points are needed, the flexible system can also be designed as a H-Frame.


▶ Spans of up to 16m and capacities of up to 27t depending on configuration
▶ Adjustable lifting points and low head room capability
▶ Easy to convert between a lifting beam and a semi spreader beam
▶ Available as a boxed off-the-shelf product

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Beam Clamp Specification:

Serial No.Size Item Code
1 1Ton 10-101
2 2 Ton 10-102
3 3 Ton 10-103
4 5 Ton 10-104