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Product Details:

Winches are a small mechanical device that usually fits onto the front or rear bumper of a vehicle. They typically operate by using a heavy duty cable which is, in turn, attached to a heavy object with the purpose of lifting or pulling said object. They are powered by a motor and often used as recovery winches for freeing stuck vehicles.
As such, they are a useful thing to have equipped to any vehicle. Not only can they help to free other stuck vehicles but should yours become stuck they can be attached to a secondary object and used to haul your vehicle out. Here at UQAB, we’re one of the leading stockists and suppliers of premium designed vehicle winches.
From entry-level, low powered variants to more powerful versions, we stock recovery winches to suit all customer requirements. All our winches are designed and built to an exacting standard and feature endurance motors that won’t let you down. Secure mountings ensure that the winches remain firmly affixed to your vehicle.


  1. • Non vibrating even at high speeds
  2. • Frictionless torque produced, resulting in long and maintenance free lifetime
  3. • Completely enclosed motor casing – as air motor there will be no internal corrosion or internal oil sump
  4. • Compact design and freedom of installation
  5. • Large usable speed range and high start torque
  6. • Metric flange and shaft for mounting of gear boxes
  7. • Air motors have perfect control when combined with the ARMAK lever or remote control valves

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