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Cargo Lashing Ratchet Straps

Product Details:

Ratchet straps (also called lashing straps or tie downs) are fasteners used to hold down cargo or equipment during transport. Ratchet straps are made with heavy-duty polyester webbing for extreme durability and little stretch.Ratchet straps are essentially webbing that is outfitted with tie down hardware. This hardware allows the tie down strap to attach to the area surrounding the cargo or equipment, loop over the cargo or equipment, and/or attach to the cargo or equipment.

Ratchet straps application in product used for fastening of goods with truck, trailer, pallets, boxes, containers etc.


    ▶ The webbing is always produced by Industrias Ponsa.
    ▶ Treated webbing in order to resist worst weather conditions.
    ▶ The metallic components are also produced by Industrias Ponsa or under close supervision.
    ▶ The product is stitched in our premises.
    ▶ Strict control of our products according to existing normas.
    ▶ Ergonomic handle option.

    The tightening system ( see video ), makes the webbing get more pressure on the product, preventing its movement, and avoiding, the consequences of the G forces originated by violent movements.

    All this, added to the extensive experience in the sector, we can say that we do not sell lashing systems, we produce security for the lashing of your loads.

    Useful advices:
    ▶ Only use well labeled ratchets " how to interpret a ratchet label "
    ▶ Never do a knot to the webbing.
    ▶ Avoid putting the webbing near to sharp edges, if so, use protections.

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Web Sling Connector Specification:

Breaking Strength / kgWidth(mm)Total Length (m)Approx. Weigth / kg