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Casting Wire Rope Clamp

Product Details:

Our wire rope clips meet the Federal Specification Number FF-C-450, considered the industry standard.

Compared to cast iron clips, forged clips provide a greater rope bearing surface and have been proven to be more consistent in strength and durability. Whether wire rope forged clips perform efficiently or not depends on whether the manufacturing practices were done properly.

This includes:
▶ The Forging Technique
▶ Accurate Machining
▶ Proper Inspection

First Grip Clips, for example, provide a saddle for both the live and the dead-end of the wire. This results in needing fewer forged clips for each termination. However, this is not the case with malleable cast iron clips. Forged

wire clips reduce the possibility of hidden defects that are sometimes present in the cast iron clips. Cast iron clips should only be used in non-critical applications.

All UQAB wire rope clips include the following forged boldly in the clip:
▶ Clip Size
▶ Manufacturer’s Logo
▶ Traceability Code

This is to ensure total confidence in the product.

The wire rope clips are forged and galvanized, which ensures resistance to corrosion and rusting. The double saddle design eliminates the possibility of incorrect installation. The bolts are opposite one another, designed as an integral part of the clip. As a result, the nuts can be installed in such a way as to enable the operator to swing the wrench a full arc for easy installation.


The UQAB traceability system is actively used throughout all manufactured forged wire rope clips. All material analysis for each heat of steel is verified within our own laboratory.

Warning System

We provide detailed warning information for all wire rope clips. Every clip is bagged or tagged with the warning information. This ensures that the information is available at the point of use for every wire rope clip during installation. The warning system is designed to attract the attention of the product user, with the goal to inform the user of the factors involved in the task and provide the user with proper application procedures.


RML will occasionally audit the termination productivity of the Red U-Bolt Clips and Fist Grip Clips. Also, the testing and evaluation of applications can be performed upon request by the product user if need be.

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Casting Wire Rope Clamp Specification:

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