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Chain Shortening Link

Product Details:

Chain shortening hooks are an alternative to grab hooks and are used to enable adjustment of the chain sling leg length. The shortening hook design is such that stresses on the chain are reduced as the chain is loaded "in-line" and not across the link as is the case with a grab hook. Chain shortening clutch, Grade 80 lifting component, manufactured from alloy steel in accordance with EN1677, supplied with load pin and retaining pins.

Specifically designed for the temporary shortening of lifting chains, rather than have chains cut to specific lengths. Typically useful when a single set of chains are required for a variety of different lifting applications.

All forged components are individually magnaflux crack detected after heat treatment, they are then individually proof load tested to 2.5 times working load limit in accordance with EN1677. Only components fully compliant with all aspects of EN1677 can be used in chain slings certified to EN818-4.

These Grade 80 lifting components are suitable for use in a temperature range of -40C up to 200C without reduction in working load limit.


    ▶ Alloy Steel - Quenched and Tempered

    ▶ Individually Proof Tested to 2-1/2 times the Working Load Limit with certification

    ▶ Suitable for use with Grade 100 and Grade 80 chain

    ▶ Spring loaded chain locking system keeps chain in place under slack conditions

    ▶ The use of S-1311N Chain Shortener will allow 100 percent of the chain sling capacity

    ▶ Fatigue rated at 1-1/2 times the Working Load Limit at 20,000 cycles

    ▶ “Look for the Platinum Color - Crosby Grade 100 Alloy Products”

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Chain Shortening Link Specification:

Item CodeSize(mm)Dimension (in)Wll(T))Weight (LBS)