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Clevis Grab Hook

Product Details:

This standard shortening hook ensures optimal interaction between chain and hook thanks to the special design of the chain contact. Even when shortened, the load capacity is not reduced and the product is suitable for retrofitting. The clevis system makes it possible to link the chain to the hook quickly and easily, without the need for an additional connecting element. The coupling pin and the retaining pin are available as a KBSW spare parts set.

The clevis grab hook is manufactured according to EN 1677‑1 with the mechanical values for G10 and comes with CE-marking. As specified in the full operating manual, it is not suitable for tip loading and assembly must always be performed by a competent person to ensure safe usage. No special tools are required for assembling this product.


    ▶ Heat-treated pins

    ▶ Hooks are heat treated and tempered

    ▶ Design factor 4:1 when used with Grade 30

    ▶ Design factor 3:1 when used with Grade 43

    ▶ When using these hooks with Grade 30 chain, the assembly must be rated to the working load limit of the chain.

    ▶ Hook embossed with trace code providing traceability through manufacturing and testing process to heat of steel

    ▶ Not to be used for overhead lifting

    ▶ Chart Note: Hook is marked Grade 63

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Clevis Grab Hook Specification:

Item CodeSize of ChainDimensions (mm)W.L.L (T)Weight (LBS)
08-0075/16"80.400.440.452.21 1.182.450.81