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Eye Sling Hook

Product Details:

This Eye sling hook is the result of a sophisticated manufacturing process. Using highgrade stainless steel, the hook is drop-forged and stamped. The compact design of the hook ensures the highest possible load capacity while maintaining a minimum product weight. The hook provides impact for protection for the safety catch, a large hook mouth and an extra-wide hook point to prevent accidental hooking into the chain. Due to the flat section on the eye, the hook is also compatible with alternative connecting systems.
This eye sling hook provides excellent directional stability and perfect guidance of the safety trap. It is particularly suited for the assembly of welded and assembled rope lashings. The safety catch engages with the hook point, which provides an effective protection against lateral movements. Forged inspection marks that facilitate the visual recognition of the discard criteria complete this outstanding product.


    ♦Forged super alloy steel- Quenched and Tempered

    ♦Suitable for EN818-2 G80 chain

    ♦Individually proof test at 2.5 times Working Load Limit

    ♦Fatiuge tested at 1.5 times Working Load Limit for 20000 cycles

    ♦Breakage test and fatigue test

    ♦100% magnaflux crack detection

    ♦ With cast latch.

    ♦Surface finishPowder plastified

    ♦Colour code :Red RAL3020 / Yellow RAL1003

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Eye Sling Hook Specification:

Item CodeWeight(Kg)Wll(T)B.L (T)D ± 1E ± 1.5H ± 1K ± 2L ± 1
07-0150.271.12 Ton4.48192220.582112
07-0160.62 Ton82825 26104.5142
07-0170.843.15 Ton12.6312728120163
07-0181.815.3 Ton21.23935.540146203
07-0193.3585 Ton32514445187.5255
07-0206.112.5 Ton50625557231.5317
07-0219.615 Ton60235766262360
07-0221621.2 Ton84.8898379.6318433
07-02325.831.5 Ton126909591.2360495.5