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Galvanised Quick Link

Product Details:

Quick Links are the most popular and easiest to use when repairing a chain. They are usually used to repair low carbon steel chains or ad coupling attachments. Quick links are two-sided thread links that you can easily slide onto two original links and tighten the thread with a wrench. They are designed to be reusable and moveable. Fast, easy connection for permanent or temporary connection.

Quick Links are designed to make permanent and temporary connections. Quickly attach chain and chain accessories. Quick Links should be used with chain or other items with equal or lower working load limits. Tools are not required for attachments, simply tighten shut.


    ▶ Easy connect ropes, chains or webbing.

    ▶ Ideal for boating, camping, hiking, rigging and any outdoor use.

    ▶ Made of stainless steel with high quality that protects against corrosion in salt water.

    ▶ Screw-lock quick links with high rust resistance

    ▶ Link size x length: 8 x 75mm (5/16 x 3"), Working load limit (WLL): 1500 lbs/680kgs. (NOTICE: Not for mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing and high-altitude games for your safety.

    ▶ Do not use for overhead lifting or exceed the working load limit

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Item Code-

Sr No. Weight ITEM CODE
1 6mm 12-044
2 8mm 12-045
3 10mm 12-046