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Galvanised Wire Rope Clamp

Product Details:

Use in noncritical applications, such as fencing, where the strength of a forged clamp is not required. Install clamps so the saddle is on the long (live) end and the U-bolt is on the short (dead) end. They’re also known as wire rope clips.

Zinc-plated iron clamps are mildly corrosion resistant.

Galvanized iron clamps have a thicker coating than zinc-plated clamps for added corrosion resistance.

18-8 stainless steel clamps are more corrosion resistant than galvanized clamps.

316 stainless steel clamps are the most corrosion resistant fittings we offer. They provide excellent resistance to chemicals and salt water.

Warning: Test all assemblies for required strength before use. Do not use with coated rope unless the coating is removed.


    ▶ Designed for forming an eye or loop on wire rope

    ▶ Meets torque value of Federal Specifications FF-C-450D, Type 1, Class 2

    ▶ Anchoring point for webbing or strap

    ▶ Steel U-bolt and nuts

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Item Code-

Sr No. Weight ITEM CODE
1 1mm 11-001
2 2mm 11-002
3 3mm 11-003
4 4mm 11-004
5 5mm 11-005
6 6mm 11-006
7 8mm 11-008
8 10mm 11-010
9 12mm 11-011
10 14mm 11-014
11 16mm 11-015
12 18mm 11-016
13 20mm 11-017
14 22mm 11-018
15 24mm 11-019
16 26mm 11-020