Geared Trolley
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Geared Trolley

Product Details:

•Capacity from 500 kg to 20.000 kg.
•Ball-shaped idler wheels made of machined steel for uniform operation on all shapes of girder.
•Easy to install by sliding it onto the open girder.
•Balanced load distribution on four wheels.
•Robust side plates with safety tabs as wheel-break supports, rail cleaners and fall protection.
•Wheels with ball bearings assure smooth, safe operation.
•Large adjustment range on many carriers, simply by replacing the spacer discs.
•Adjustment options upto height of large girders measuring 300 mm in width.
Manual trolleys are best suited for lighter cost effective jobs, Where as the geared trolley system will move heavy loads easily with a hand chain, the chain transmission brings the power to the wheels; meanwhile the load is balanced on four wheels. The hand chains are zinc coated for long life. You mount the trolley simply by pushing it on the open girder without disassembling of the unit.
Robust side plates
The central load suspension system and the robust side plates go hand in hand to allow for a trolley that can take the demands of a big job. The suspension system works to divide the load evenly among the four wheels. The large forged steel plates enhance tilting protection and will work as cleaners, allowing the trolley to work with minor hindrances on the beam.
Ball bearings
The cast iron wheels are quiet and safe due to the lifetime lubricated, sealed ball bearings. Large flange adjustability GTM-trolleys are adjustable for various beam sizes by simply changing the number of spacers. The standard bolts are for small flange widths. Longer bolts allow the use on wider flanges like high HE-B-girders with 300 mm widths.
Precise trolley wheels
A contour trolley wheel design provides maximum beam contact on flat or tapered beams.

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Technical Specifications

Capacity I-Beam width N.W./kgs A B c H Item Code
0.5T 75-125 12 271 170 190 160.5 02-012
1T 75-125 15" - 8" 277 206 222 - 8" 123.5 02-013
1.5T 75-125 12 271 170 190 160.5 02-014
2 75-125 12 271 170 190 160.5 02-012
3T 75-125 12 271 170 190 160.5 02-012
5T 75-125 12 271 170 190 160.5 02-012