A.S. Grade 80 Chain
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A.S. Grade 80 Chain

Product Details:

Grade 80 chain is a heat-treated alloy steel designed for high strength for overhead lifting and tie down applications. It is the most economical of the three chain grade types that are suitable for overhead lifting (grade 80, grade 100, grade 120). Please note that while grade 80 chain is approved for overhead lifting applications, our tie down chain assemblies are not designed for overhead lifting due to the supplied hook.

Alloy Chain is rugged, versatile, high strength, low weight chain manufactured from a special analysis alloy steel. Alloy has a comparatively high carbon content as well as containing various other alloying elements. The chain is quenched and tempered before the proof testing. The ultimate tensile strength of alloy chain is over twice that of ordinary steel chain. The chain is marked to identify grade and manufacturer. These are the only chains recommended for use in over-head lifting applications. Minimum elongation at break test 20%. Tensile strength following heat treatment meets or exceeds all existing OHSA, government, NACM and ASTM specification requirements. Regularly supplied in Black Protective Finish. Also available in Silver Shield, a cold zinc process equal in protection to hot dip galvanizing.


  1. • Produced from a high quality alloy steel
  2. •Special induction heat treatment process that maximize strength and increase the elongation characteristics.
  3. •Finish is black armour coat
  4. •Meets or exceeds all NACM & ASTM standards
  5. •Approved for over head lifting
  6. •Complete traceability due to unique trace code
  7. •Manufacturing approved by ISO 9001-2000

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Sr No.Item CodeMMMinMaxkg/MKNKNKN
104-0036 x
204-0047 x 21924.51.07 153761.6
304-0058 x 2412.5281.4204880.4
404-00610 x 3012.6352.23276125
504-00711 x 431536.52.333892154
604-00812 x 3616.3423.246109181
704-01513 x 3918463.8450128212
804-01414 x 427.5494.263150246
904-01616 x 4820565.7180192320
1004-01718 x 5423637100246410
1104-01820 x 6025709125300500
1204-01922 x 66287710.8153366610
1304-02026 x 78359115213510850
1404-02232 x 964010622.63227721286