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Hand Winch

Product Details:

The new UQAB range of SAFETY WINCHES has been specially developed to eliminate the danger found on normal ratchet held loads in hand winches. The principal danger being flying handles when the ratchet is disengaged to the lower load. This problem is overcome with the use of an automatic clamping and ratchet type brake whereby the ratchets are never disengaged and the load is moved up or down simply by winding the handle in the required direction.
A further improvement which has been achieved in the new design is that it is now possible to fit effective dust covers over the gears thereby reducing maintenance and increasing the life of the winches. All lubrication points are external to the covers.


  1. • Safety with power.
  2. • Highest quality alloy steels used for all gears and shafts for rugged durability.
  3. • These winches can be safely modified to accept power drives.
  4. • Economically priced.
  5. • High factors of safety.


  1. • Rope must enter Winch as Shown by arrows.
  2. • Safe Working Load Calculated on Full Drum.
  3. • For Working Length Multiply Drum Full Rope Length by 0,7.
  4. • Model No. Denotes Test Load


  1. • All load raising and lowering operations in mines, industry and agriculture and especially suited to conveyor tensioning.

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