Lashing Chain
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Lashing Chain

Product Details:

Lashing chains are perfect for diagonal lashing of heavy loads. To this end, short-element chains are used (partition = 3 x chain Ø). Only these ensure perfect chain bracing for edge usage. Chains with long elements would deform here. With shortening elements, the desired length can be set. The shortening unit must have a lock against accidental opening. Lashing chains in the modular system are manufactured in quality 8 (minimum break stress 800 N/mm2). They have a minimum breaking strain of 20%, ensure longevity and are designed for top performance despite lightweight production. Lashing chains are especially suitable for very heavy loads, in particular on flat bed trailers and for the lashing types of diagonal and cross lashing. If the lashing chains are placed over the load during frictional lashing, edge protection elements must be used to prevent the load from being damaged by the chains and so that the chain elements can slide over the edges. If the edge is made so that the chain cannot slide over it, direct lashing should be preferred. With load chain tensioners and ratchet load tensioner jacks highly stable chains of quality 8 or 10 can be operated perfectly well


  1. • Produced from a high quality alloy steel
  2. •Special induction heat treatment process that maximize strength and increase the elongation characteristics.
  3. •Finish is black armour coat
  4. •Meets or exceeds all NACM & ASTM standards
  5. •Approved for over head lifting
  6. •Complete traceability due to unique trace code
  7. •Manufacturing approved by ISO 9001-2000

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