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Pipe Lifting Clamp

Product Details:

Lifting’s Heavy-duty pipe clamp is designed to lift steel and concrete pipes. Throughout the world, heavy lifting industries use UQAB Lifting clamps for conveying and positioning of pipes. The unique design of these clamps mean that the heavier the load, the tighter they grip it. The construction of the pipe clamps utilizes drop forge processes for strength and long life; and each clamp is individually proof tested.

Pipe Lifting Clamp is an ideal equipment for effortless lifting of heavy pipes. It allows easy transportation of heavy weights. It saves a lot of human efforts as well time. It is manufactured with excel quality steel of high tensile strength by using latest technologies. It is highly durable due to its great strength. Pipe Lifting Clamp is adaptable to even extremely corrosive conditions. It is assembled with specialized pads to eliminate the damage chance to the walls of pipes. It is highly reliable and need no regular maintenance. Customers can avail this product from us at reasonable rates.

The Universal Lifting Clamp features a range of safety benefits that will assist your lifting activities. Its licensed design supports its great abilities.


▶ For horizontal and transporting of steel and concrete pipes.
▶ Compact shape and relatively low self weight with a high lifting capacity.
▶ The surface of the support area is equipped with a special plastic cover which is easy to change.
▶ Delivered in pairs.
▶ Type-C is designed for extreme heavy duty lifting operations like the loading and unloading of vessels.

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Pipe Lifting Clamp Specification:

Serial No.Size Item Code
1 2Ton 10-096
2 3 Ton 10-097
3 5 Ton 10-098