Scissor Lift Table
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Scissor Lift Table

Product Details:

• Ergonomically designed lifter and transporter features.
• Handy hydraulic feet pump to elevate formed-edge platform, reducing strain and fatigue.
• Used for lifting, transporting, positioning, assembling, stacking and un-stacking.
• Easy to operate brake keeps unit stationary while loading and unloading, while the lowering valve provides precise lowering.
• Steel construction with platform made from steel sheet, chrome plated handle.
Production and assembly systems
Optimization of assembly lines, system of production, maintenance, repair, packing,etc. Correct handling or prepration of products makes the operators work much easier and contributes to enhance productivity, creating a safer working environment.
All the marerials used in the different parts of the Sissor Lift Table pass different quality Processes.
Logistics, Industrial... the Sissor Lift can be used in any sector or market and they are also fully compatible with manual, robotised and automated logistic system.
Thanks to its experience the sissor Lifts are designed capable of covering several purposes.
Overcome differences in Level
It can lift any kind of Load to overcome different heights in small places.
Loading Bays
It is one of the most widely used solutions when there is no heights in the bay or when vehicles of different heights are loaded or unloaded .

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Item Code-

Weight Kgs ITEM CODE
350 Kgs 05-008
500 kgs 05-009