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Self LockingClevis Hook

Product Details:

The clevis self locking hook is suitable for all kinds of overhead lifting applications. The unique locking mechanism prevent accidental slipping. This type of chain component is used with grade 80 alloy chain for lifting applications. The clevis hook fits directly onto the chain for ease of use. The lock closes either with one hand or automatically when a load is engaged. The clevis self locking hook will not open under load, even if the load is set down momentarily. To open the hook and release the load you simply press the release trigger. The hook also stays open to make hookups easy. For peace of mind, this lifting equipment is proof load tested to 4 times the working load limit and its fully compliant to EN1677.


    ▶ Made from high grade alloy steel. Grade 80 (Quenched and Tempered)

    ▶ For use with Grade 80 alloy chain for lifting applications

    ▶ Marked with Brand, WLL, Batch No and Size

    ▶ Ulitmate Load is 4 times Capacity

    ▶ It is forged by special alloy steel with high intensity and high toughness, and then it is heat treated;

    ▶ It can be matched with G100 chain;

    ▶ The performance is increased by 25% compared with G80 products;

    ▶ Each workpiece should pass testing at 2.5 times of working load limit;

    ▶ We should carry out sampling and 20000 times of fatigue testing;

    ▶ We should carry out strict sampling and breakage testing for each batch of products;

    ▶ We should carry out 100% magnetic powder flaw detection;

    ▶ 100% of the pin should be tested to ensure that they have the same hardness;

    ▶ Surface treatment: plastics spraying;

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Self LockingClevis Hook Specification:

Item CodeSize(mm)Dimension (in)Wll(T))Weight (LBS)