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Self LockingSwivel Hook

Product Details:

The swivel Self-Locking Hook is the same design as the tradional Self-Locking Hook but has the extra feature of the swivel which can be used to align the hook correctly with the load line prior to lifting. The swivel is for positioning only prior to the lift and the hook is not designed to rotate under load.Ideal for rigging, these swivel self-locking hooks will not open when under load and its latch closes automatically.


    ▶ High tensile forged alloy steel quenched and tempered, conforms to AS3776 and EN1677.

    ▶ Swivel eye hooks with a locking latch prevent wire ropes, cables and chains from twisting while applying a load. The swivel hook design also allows for easy positioning before applying a load. The positive locking latch creates a secure connect when a load is applied.

    ▶ Contains sufficient aluminium to protect from strain age embrittlement during service.

    ▶ 100% magnaflux crack detection and individually proof tested at 2.5 times WLL.

    ▶ Batch minimum break tested at 4 times WLL.

    ▶ Sampling fatigue tested at 1.5 times WLL for 20000 cycles.

    ▶ Surface finishing: Yellow powder coated.

    ▶ Test certificate available upon request.

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Self LockingSwivel Hook Specification:

Item CodeSize(mm)Dimension (in)Wll(T))Weight (LBS)