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Swivel Hook

Product Details:

It closes and locks automatically and cannot be opened while under load. The large swivel casing opens up an even wider range of application options and the larger jaw opening compared to HSW means that it may be used more flexibly. When it comes to quality, this hook is in a league of its own: It comes with CE-marking and BG-approval, complies with EN 1677‑3 and has the mechanical values of G10.
A detailed operating manual provides information on the wide range of possible applications. But be careful – the hook is only suitable for straight pull and cannot be rotated when under load. Also note that the tip of the hook and the safety catch must not be placed under load and the hook should not be used in the welded system.
Assembly of the safety catch is easy and quick, without the need for special tools.
The safety catch set VLHW which forms the locking mechanism on the back of the hook is also available as a spare parts set.


    ♦ Forged Alloy Steel - Quenched and Tempered.

    ♦ Load rating codes stamped on each hook.

    ♦ Proper design, careful forging, and precision controlled quench and tempering gives maximum strength without excessive weight and bulk.

    ♦ Hoist hooks incorporate markings forged into the product which address two (2) QUIC-CHECK features:
    • Deformation Indicators -- Two strategically placed marks, one just below the shank or eye and the other on the hook tip, which allows for a QUIC-CHECK measurement to determine if the throat opening has changed, thus indicating abuse or overload. To check, use a measuring device (i.e. tape measure) to measure the distance between the marks.The marks should align to either an inch or half-inch increment on the measuring device. If the measurement does not meet this criteria, the hook should be inspected further for possible damage.
    • Angle Indicators - Indicates the maximum included angle which is allowed between two (2) sling legs in the hook. These indicators also provide the opportunity to approximate other included angles between two slings legs.

    ♦ With Bearing: New anti-friction bearing design allows hook to rotate freely under load.

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Swivel Hook Specification:

Item CodeWeight(Kg)Wll(T)B.L (T)A ± 3B ± 2F ± 2.5M ± 1.5L1 ± 3.5 L ± 3N ± 2C ± 1H ± 2
07-0700.651.12 Ton4.483032.52469138168161119.3
07-0710.952 Ton84536 28.588.317321220.51323
07-0732.975.3 Ton21.263.85040.2135249305.6321738
07-07412.59.5 Ton5090.574566191.7356434.5492550
07-07513.815 Ton60100.59770224441536583362