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Universal Lifting Clamp

Product Details:

The Universal Lifting Clamp is versatile, safe and ideal for a variety of applications. It combines safety with integrity, in a reliable design that is easy to use for any operator. It can lift and revolve the workpiece up to a Maximum Capacity of 1500 kg.

Offering incredible efficiency during lifting applications, the clamp can be used singularly or in pairs. The large oval suspension ring avoids any linking components and it ensures there is no damage to the load. The jaws of the clamp are non-marking, polyurethane-coated and resistant to most chemicals. The large handle aids in manipulation (when using the manual lock).

The Universal Lifting Clamp features a range of safety benefits that will assist your lifting activities. Its licensed design supports its great abilities.


▶ This clamp can be used for typical steels.
▶ The plate or piece to be lifted must always be driven home into the throat of the clamp.
▶ No limit regarding surface hardness of loads to be lifted.
▶ Never use on greasy or oily workpiece.
▶ Do not use the automatic grasping mechanism on fragile loads.
▶ For safety, ensure the clamps are always unlocked when not in used (i.e. closed jaws).
▶ The minimum weight of lifting load should be equal to 5% of the clamp’s Working Load Limit (e.g. if the clamp has a WLL of 1000 kg, the minimum weight is 50 kg). This value is given for a clamp in perfect working order and while respecting conditions of use.
▶ Lifting clamps are not suitable for creating permanent joints.
▶ Never lift more than one plate at a time.
▶ Apply the load depreciation if necessary.
▶ Working temperature -20° to +80°C.

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Universal Lifting Clamp Specification:

Serial No.Size Item Code
1 1Ton 08-050
2 2 Ton 08-051
3 3 Ton 08-052
4 5 Ton 08-053
5 10 Ton 08-085