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Weld on Ring

Product Details:

Weld on D-ring or welded D-ring has a multitude of use. They are used primarily as temporary lifting (suspension) points on unwieldy structures and fabrications.

The “D” Rings are also used for “tie-down” points on similar objects for secure transport. Available in Weld-On only. Each type of weld on D ring has a weight load limit and maximum breaking strength, and larger size of weld on D ring can supply heavier working load limit.

The weld on D ring consists of a D shaped ring and a clip, which are drop forged in steel.


    Material: Forged steel

    Process: Both the D-ring and wrap are closed die forged, and each type of forging dies is required for production.

    High strength: Closed die forging will provide a great strength for application, which casting is not feasible for its limitation.

    Custom service: It is custom parts, we mainly produce such customized components from our customers’ drawing or sample. So no matter what kind of D-ring you require, we can always finish as desired.

    Quick lead time: Once sample is approved, the lead time will be short, as quick as 4 weeks.

    Surface finish: Mostly is self colored, ready to be welded on trailer or truck body quickly, also could be painted with color if needed.

    Application: Weld On D Ring is a super duty anchor point for your trailer or truck with different capacities. It is secure and durable for heavy cargo and require welding for installation.

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Weld on Ring Specification:

Item CodeSize A x B x D(in) Dimensions (in)M.B.S.(T)Weight (LBS)
07-1202-1/4 x 2-1/2 x 1/22.252.500.630.511.775.40.95
07-1213 x 3 x 5/82.992.990.870.632.488.21.87
07-1223 x 3 x 3/